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URE, a leading solar system integrator on a global scale
Developing high-performance and high-quality solar products
Leading the way as a provider of sustainable and affordable photovoltaic energy solutions


URE, as a leading solar system integrator on a global scale, develops high-performance and high-quality solar products.


As a seasoned pioneer in solar technology, URE establishes and integrates many solar systems and power stations worldwide. URE serves customers from various areas.


URE assimilates green management into business and implements continuous improvement projects in the areas of equipment procurements, production and waste disposal.


Based on PDCA and the ISO 14001 environmental management system, URE monitors and promotes continuous improvements on waste reduction, air and water pollution controls.

The Best Alternative Solution of Energy

URE solar products, proven by many international certifications, are defined by their high performance and excellent quality.

Global Solar Installations

URE’s projects sell electricity to commercial, government and utility customers in key-developed and emerging markets. In addition to investing in the solar system integrators, GES in Taiwan and Clean Focus Renewables in the US, we also partner with local project developers or EPC to bring total solution to off-takers. Therefore, URE is capable of providing the best total solution and service in engineering, maintenance and operation.

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URE has received international recognition and our products have been proven by many international certifications.