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A leading renewable energy integrator and total solution provider.
This company has no affiliation with United Renewable Energy, LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

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  • Management and Strategy

    United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.(A company from Taiwan where the sun shines.)(“URECO”, or “the Company”, 3576 TT), is achieving successful strategic transformation over the past year after the merger in 2018. Over the past year, URECO invested and developed new business of Energy Storage System (ESS) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Motorcycle.
    In solar business, URECO focus on own-brand module and PV system after the merger. URECO modules take up nearly 50% market share in Taiwan in 2018. URECO provide 100 MW for the largest PV power plant project in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park.
    URECO designs and develops different ESS products, such as Li-ion battery module, portable ESS, residential ESS, and industrial ESS storage. URECO’s industrial ESS is the first in Taiwan to achieve UL9540.
    URECO successfully develops the first HFC motorcycle, a rival to 125cc fossil fuel motorcycle, and the only waste is water. HFC provide people an alternative for clean energy.

    Dr. Sam Hong, Chairman of URECO commented: “As the solar industry and government policy of renewable energy entered a new era, the successful company transformation of URECO shows us the future of solar industry in Taiwan. With the great help from government, URECO can lead Taiwan renewable energy industry to the international markets and return to glory of the technology island.”

    We work all together to build a world-call solar enterprise. URECO endeavors to lead Taiwan solar cell industry to be more than just manufacturer. Our mission is to lead Taiwan renewable energy industry and also surrounding industries to grow sturdily and steadily.

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    Competitive Advantage

    • Technology

      URECO cell and module satisfy customers with high efficiency, low breakage rate and low power consumption.

    • Quality

      As a leading renewable energy company, URECO is highly recognized by international customers with our high-quality products.

    • Service

      URECO meets customer’s needs with our high-quality products, the most competitive cost strategy and strong distribution channels.

  • Milestone

    6 co-founders
    • Dr. Quincy Lin

    • Dr. Sam Hong

    • Mr. Jin-Long Chang

    • Dr. Wen-Yen Pan

    • Dr. Wen-Whe Pan

    • Mr. Kong-Hsin Liu


    • OctoberOn the first day of October, 2018, United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.(A company from Taiwan where the sun shines.)(URECO) was established through the merger of Neo Solar Power Corp. (NSP), Gintech Energy Corp. and Solartech Energy Corp. NSP will remain as the surving company and become URECO. Dr. Sam Hong serves as Chairman, and Dr. Wen-Whe Pan serves as CEO.


    • OctoberGintech, Solartech and NSP signed off the merger agreement to create a new winning model and support Taiwan’s renewable energy policies.
    • August  NSP subsidiary completed development of 225 MW solar projects in the United States with total investment of US$ 435 million, which marked new milestone for Taiwan solar industry.
    • April  NSP high-efficiency mono and multi modules are proven by VPC.
    • February  Taiwan’s first rooftop solar system with NSP’s glory BiFi solar modules was established at Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor.


    • April  NSP cells and modules won Taiwan Excellent PV Award for four consecutive years. NSP modules were the only awarded modules over 300Wp.
    • March  NSP 275W module was certified to have non-bidding certificate.


    • DecemberWith the self-developed PERC technology, the average cell efficiency was certified by ITRI to be higher than 21.10% and the maximum efficiency reaches 21.44%.
    • OctoberPassed the exam by SGS of greenhouse gas, carbon footprint and water footprint.
    • June  Fab in Thailand was established to mainly manufacture solar cells.
    • January  TS Solar in Malaysia started production.


    • DecemberSolartech was successfully listed in Taiwan.
    • January  NSP was successfully listed in Taiwan.


    • NovemberGintech was successfully listed in Taiwan.


    • August  NSP was founded. Co-founder: Dr. Quincy Lin, Dr. Sam Hong.
    • August  Gintech was founded. Co-founder: Dr. Wen-Yen Pan, Dr. Wen-Whe Pan.
    • May  Solartech was founded. Co-founder: Mr. Kong-Hsin Liu, Mr. Jin-Long Chang.
  • Organization


  • 極致客戶滿意創造雙贏
    Utmost Customer Satisfaction

  • 卓越品質精益求精
    Remarkable Quality

  • 有效持續改善
    Effectively Continuous Improvement