NSP and Subsidiary, GES hold the Grand Opening Ceremony together for Demonstrated Solar Agricultural Greenhouse

Neo Solar Power Corporation (3576 TT) (“NSP”, or “the Company”), a world-class leading producer of high quality solar cells, announced that it has held a grand opening ceremony for demonstrated solar agricultural greenhouse together with subsidiary, General Energy Solutions Inc. (“GES”) at Yanchao, Kaohsiung City at 2:00pm on July 21st. This is an important milestone for both NSP and GES to show the possibility and practicality of Solar Energy. Except for Top-management from NSP and GES, the grand opening ceremony was also honored to have Chu Chen, mayor of Kaohsiung City, and other government officials to attend and to witness the historic moment.

NSP’s mission is to provide renewable energy. We not only strive to lead in terms of technology, quality and conversion efficiency, but also aim to carry out green production. Thus NSP would like to combine Solar with Agriculture via GES to demonstrate a solar agricultural greenhouse with 30KW solar PV system on rooftop. Through professional GES team and Agricultural experts, we optimized solar transmittance design for agricultural greenhouse, which allows crop grow naturally and healthily under such optimal condition of greenhouse environment. The demonstrated agricultural greenhouse is expected to generate 39,500 KWh per year in average, and to reduce approximately 24,830 kg of carbon emission each year.

What’s worth to mention is that the working environment under demonstrated solar agricultural greenhouse is better and will not be influenced by abnormal weather condition. By implementing organic agricultural technologies that save water and use less fertilizer, vegetables crop can be grown and harvested more than 10 cycles annually, which roughly equal to 30,000 stems. The demonstrated solar agricultural greenhouse not only can provide stable production volume of the vegetables, but also to increase farmer’s income by additionally selling the electricity to the gird, thus providing high-quality and high-income employment opportunity. This will indirectly encourage young people to devote to Agriculture business and re-activate those fallow ground, which also promote solar industry and agriculture at the same time, perfectly combine clean energy with agriculture, and solve the problems of food and energy.


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