Life Power

Energy Storage System

In view of optimizing the use of green energy, United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.(A company from Taiwan where the sun shines) commit to build a complete solution for energy storage.
We develop energy storage systems, including industrial ESS container with UL9540, lithium-ion UPS, and energy management systems.

Life Power

Battery Energy Storage System

Stable Frequency
Overload protection

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Simple operation and maintenance, the battery system has intelligent balancing function

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Reduce public electricity burden.

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PV On-Grid
String Inverter
Three Phase

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EUREKA series

EUREKA series is an all-in-one solar battery system which consist of hybrid inverter and battery modules. Owners can build a new home energy storage system with EUREKA series, which can realize the maximum self-use of solar energy and reduce electricity bills. It is also very suitable for areas need backup power.

EUREKA series
  • 20kWh
  • IP65
  • Support PV energy storage
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