Corporate governance implementation-

BOD passed resolution to appoint Corporate Governance officer Zabrina Hsu (Vice President & URE General Counsel), who have 3 years and above of experience as legal executives of listed company, and continue professional training as per regulatory requirements. Main duties of Corporate Governance Officer are supervise Finance Department shareholder service unit attend to BOD and annual general meetings process, compose meeting minutes, information disclosure, provide relevant documents, act in accordance with regulations and further professional training of Directors.
Business execution as follow:
1. Assisted all Directors in exercise their duties to company, provide documents and arrange professional training
a. Follow the new development of the relevant industries and new regulations, and update regularly
b. Handle the confidential information classification, provide documents needed by Directors, maintain communication between Directors and executive officers.
c. Arrange meetings between internal auditors and attesting CPA
d. Arrange professional training courses for Directors
2. Procedure and Compliance
a. Report corporate governance matters to BOD and Committees. Make sure annual general meeting and BOD comply with regulations
b. Assist and remind Directors the regulation govern the BOD
c. Important resolutions have to be announced after BOD, make sure announcement comply with regulation and is correct to protect symmetric information for all investors.
3. Calling a Board Meeting and offering all information related to meetings shall be notified to each directors and independent directors at least seven days in advance. If any director is an interested party with any proposal, they cannot participate in discussion or vote on it. Board Meeting minutes shall be prepared within 20 days after the meeting.
4. Registering the date of Shareholders Meeting in advance, and preparing the notice, proposals, meeting manuals and meeting minutes before the legal due date. Handling the amendment of corporate registration if any re-election of directors or the amendment on the Articles of Incorporation.

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  2. Zabrina Hsu


    Securities & Futures Institute



  3. Zabrina Hsu


    Securities & Futures Institute



  4. Zabrina Hsu


    Securities & Futures Institute

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